Where I Spend Too Much Money Because I’m Embarrassed

Today is release day for Magic 2015. 2 days ago, the Steam version was available, and those who purchased it received a coupon for a free booster pack. I arrived at my local Q Store 5 minutes before opening to make sure I was one of the first to arrive to get in line with everyone else. To my surprise, the place was not only completely empty outside, there was no one inside. Three minutes later, the owner shows up and starts unpacking all the cards. A few cars pulled up and out of respect for him we waited until he was done unloading and officially went inside.


Once everyone was inside, he apologized to us for making us wait. We all made comments about how it wasn’t a big deal and patiently waited for him to begin opening the boxes. He asked each of us what we were there to pick up and once he had our answers, he said I would be easiest and fastest to deal with so he’d take me first. 


I asked for three 100-packs of card sleeves and the Core Set (I’m especially nerdy when it comes to marking off the cards on the booklet that’s included, I love seeing what I have and what I don’t) however he hadn’t gotten to that part yet and instead gave me  what looked like a 20 card pack and a booster pack. I was disappointed but didn’t want to look stupid in front of everyone so I said nothing, spent my $20 (I had planned for $60, as I was going to get a few boosters along with the Core, and then some sleeves on top), and promptly left the store. 


Next I tried Walmart hoping they’d have the 2015 Core Set. Nope, still 2014. I went to the D Store here in town (the only other game store we have, and fuck is it a mess) and asked the guy there if he had what I was looking for. He indeed did. So, I tried to get some deck boxes (I was really looking for a large plastic box with multiple separators for my colours and decks) but all he had were these 2 deck boxes. I bought two since they were only $5 each and then asked for the Core Set. 


Here’s where everything goes wrong. To preface this story, I need to express myself first.


I am profoundly nerdy when it comes to Magic. When I first heard about it way back in the day I thought, ‘oh my god, that sounds like another Pokemon trading card thing, BORING’. When I was officially introduced to it last year, I was completely HOOKED. I bought cards and was constantly asking my 2 friends who played to play with me. Then they moved and now I have no one. Thinking about how I have no one makes me feel bad because it seems that though at my age (36) I should maybe be looking for a husband and thinking about buying a house, and yet all I want to do is nerd out over Magic. I also feel embarrassed that I yelled at my sister once for not acting like a grown up (drinking and driving all the time, escalating to drinking every single day, and buying horses not houses) and yet here I am the biggest card game nerd ever. I am addicted to Shaun Plott’s Spellslingers on YouTube and watch con videos wishing I wasn’t so afraid to go alone.


Anyway so I’m standing in the D Store and I ask the guy for the 2015 Magic Core Set. He asks me if I meant the one with the 62 booster packs and in my haste to stop being embarrassed in public (did I mention there was no one else in the store but him and I?) I said yes quickly. Then, I blanched in horror as I realized what he said while watching him type up the cost of the Core Set alone ($135!!!), quickly did the math to make sure I could afford it, and got the fuck out of the store.


So, now not only do I not have the one thing I was excited to get (the damn 2015 booklet) I now have a ton of cards and sets I never wanted. But will I return it? Nope. I’m too embarrassed.